• 15 October 2019
    When your dating strategy is smart and when it sentences you to be single and bitter about it.

    From the very beginning let me warn you that this article will be filled with metaphors, so if you are not a huge fan of metaphors, then this article is probably not for you. Anyway,

  • 8 October 2019
    A guy who cried “wolf” or why some foreign gentlemen “got scammed”

    In this article I want to talk about gentlemen who love to cry “wolf” which means accusing ladies in being not serious, too materialistic and even scammers.   Such gentlemen can be divided into 2

  • 19 July 2019
    “Virgin whore” or why some guys beg to be scammed.

    One of the main characters of this story is an American gentleman with Lebanese background. He is tall, sweet and easy-going. He was 46 years old when we have been introduced. Let’s call him Kevin.

  • matchmaker
    7 February 2019
    How to become a matchmaker

    After winning the “best professional matchmaker Award” at iDate 2016 Diolli.com has brought the new trend to Ukraine – matchmaking service. Before that it was more common to see “dating agencies” or “marriage agencies”. The

  • 9 June 2018
    Differences between American and Ukrainian culture

    At diolli.com we work with gentlemen from all over the globe. We had male clients from Western and Eastern Europe, from Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and even Island. Of course a huge percentage of

  • 9 June 2018
    What do Ukrainian women really want from American men?

    I work as a professional international matchmaker for 10 years already. Being a professional matchmaker is already rather exotic in the eyes of others. Being an international matchmaker who matches Ukrainian women with foreign gentlemen

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