• 24 April 2020
    Relationship status

    Today I want to speak about different expectations regarding relationship status and of course regarding our partner. We all are unique because we come from different families, went to different schools and our circle of

  • 30 January 2020
    Are you hiding behind the belief that “you are having high standards”?

    Every month I conduct at least 5 interviews with potential clients who “warn” me right at the beginning that they have “high standards” regarding the partner. We talk about the gentleman, his way of life,

  • 15 October 2019
    When your dating strategy is smart and when it sentences you to be single and bitter about it.

    From the very beginning let me warn you that this article will be filled with metaphors, so if you are not a huge fan of metaphors, then this article is probably not for you. Anyway,

  • 8 October 2019
    A guy who cried “wolf” or why some foreign gentlemen “got scammed”

    In this article I want to talk about gentlemen who love to cry “wolf” which means accusing ladies in being not serious, too materialistic and even scammers.   Such gentlemen can be divided into 2

  • 19 July 2019
    “Virgin whore” or why some guys beg to be scammed.

    One of the main characters of this story is an American gentleman with Lebanese background. He is tall, sweet and easy-going. He was 46 years old when we have been introduced. Let’s call him Kevin.

  • matchmaker
    7 February 2019
    How to become a matchmaker

    After winning the “best professional matchmaker Award” at iDate 2016 Diolli.com has brought the new trend to Ukraine – matchmaking service. Before that it was more common to see “dating agencies” or “marriage agencies”. The

Professional matchmaker
dating coach
published author
dating blogger
Svetlana Mukha


  • Founder, leading matchmaker and dating coach at Diolli.com since 2008
  • Founder and Director at Paradisedate.com.ua since 2008
  • Best Matchmaker by iDate Awards' 2016
  • The Entrepreneur of the year 2017 by Euro Dating Awards
  • Founder of the Premium Festival for women Kablooks.com
  • The main cupid at the first professional portal about relationship Cupidonduty.com
  • Co-author of the international bestselling book "Secrets to Drama-Free Love"
  • Speaker and participant of international dating conferences
  • 10 years of professional matchmaking experience
  • Author of the book "7 principles of a business-woman"
  • Recruiting the beautiful smart special ladies for male clients
  • Educating and inspiring the future Cupids and increasing the prestige and level of the dating market in CIS
  • Writes the blog about crazy dates
  • Languages (English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, some French, promises to learn Spanish)
  • Reading (difficult to count up the number of books that were read: from economical books to the real fantasy)
  • Traveling (30 countries by 30 years)
Masters Degree in Business
  • International matchmaking agency since 2008

    Diolli.com offers its clients exclusive matchmaking service since 2008. We measure our success in the number of couples that have found each other by using our service. In 2016 our leading professional matchmaker Svetlana Mukha was acknowledged as the “Best Matchmaker” by Idate Awards, which is the most respectable and prestigious Dating Award in the Industry!

  • Marriage agency by Diolli.com

    An international marriage agency that measures its effectiveness by the number of happy couples that were created. Professionalism, confidentiality and individual approach to each client are the fundamental principles of work.

  • First professional platform about relationship and dating. School for cupids.

    It is created as a professional platform to share news, experience and inspire colleagues and friends of the dating industry. Cupidonduty is a website for real cupids, gentlemen and ladies with a lot of useful information and a great opportunity to learn something new and helpful.

  • Premium festival for women Kablook Fest

    It is a unique event that unites ladies with different backgrounds. At Kablook Fest ladies can get the answers on different questions, receive important advice about beauty, health, success, love, relationships, career. Every lady feels inspired after visiting this stylish event.

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  • 4 principles of work of Diolli.com
  • Trophy young wives from Eastern Europe
  • How to sabotage your matchmaking process
  • Financial expectations of Ukrainian ladies
  • Healthy age gap while dating a Ukrainian lady
  • Is it possible for a single Ukrainian girl to travel abroad?
  • How does Diolli.com recruit beautiful Ukrainian ladies

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  • Diolli.com is happy and proud to be the member of The Matchmaking Alliance since January 2015.

  • Diolli.com is happy and proud to be the member of The Matchmaking Institute since May 2015.

  • The IDCA ensures that clients are trained by qualified Dating Coaches.

  • The organization is dedicated to enforcing dating site integrity and highlighting those proven to be trustworthy.

  • We’ve been nominated as the Best Product Design company for IDate Awards 2016.

  • We’ve won the Best Matchmaker at IDate Awards 2016

  • We’ve been nominated as the Best Product Design company for IDateAwards 2017.

  • We’ve been nominated as the Best Matchmaker for IDate Awards 2017.

  • Diolli.com was one of finalists at European dating awards 2016 in the category “Matchmaking Agency of the year 2016”.

  • Diolli.com has won “The Entrepreneur of the year 2017” at European Dating Awards.

  • Diolli.com was one of finalists of “The Dating Awards” 2017 in the category “International Matchmaker of the Year 2017”.

  • We’ve been nominated as the Best Dating Coach for IDate Awards 2018.

  • We’ve won the Best Product Design at IDate Awards 2018