Svetlana Mukha

Professional matchmaker
Certified dating coach
Author of books:

  • “7 Principles of the Woman The Brand”,
  • “The Eighth Principle of The Woman The Brand”,
  • “Nothing Personal, Just Love”

Dating blogger
Founder and the leading Cupid at professional matchmaking agency

Books for Beautiful, Smart Women and Daring Men
In Russian language

About me

– Founder, leading matchmaker and dating coach at since 2008
– Founder and Director at since 2008
– Best Matchmaker by iDate Awards’ 2016
– The Entrepreneur of the year 2017 by Euro Dating Awards
– Founder of the Premium Festival for women
– The main cupid at the first professional portal about relationship
– Co-author of the international bestselling book “Secrets to Drama-Free Love”
– Speaker and participant of international dating conferences
– 10 plus years of professional matchmaking experience
– Author of books “7 Principles of the Woman The Brand”, “The Eighth Principle of The Woman The Brand” and “Nothing Personal, Just Love”


– Recruiting the beautiful smart special ladies for favorite male clients
– Educating and inspiring the future Cupids
– Increasing the prestige and level of the dating market in CIS
– Writes the blog about crazy dates
– Languages (English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, French)
– Reading (difficult to count up the number of books that were read: from economical books to the real fantasy)
– Traveling (more than 40 countries)

In Russian language

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"Nothing Personal, Just Love"

This book is about smart real love without pink glasses for beautiful, smart women and brave, curious men. We do not recommend this book to people without a sense of humor and also to those who believe that love will solve all their problems. This book is a must-read for all mature single and happily married women and men who are not afraid to recognize their own weaknesses and faults in the heroes of the book and who can honestly talk about smart real love, money, the relationship between partners, lovers, and husband and wife.

Published in 2022.
Number of pages 272.
Price: 480 hrn
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How to pre-order the book “Nothing Personal, Just Love”?

The book will be shipped by “Nova Poshta” from 1 till March 8, depending on the timing of the release of books from the printing house.

If you want to order 3 Svetlana’s books, including “Nothing Special, Just Love”, your order will be sent by one shipment after March 1, till March 8. If you order 3 books there will be a special surprise for you specially from the author.

“7 Principles of the Woman The Brand”

In this book, you will find stories of failed and successful attempts to build a relationship. It is hard to be a woman in the modern male world, but if you learn to see the true needs, desires, and fears of men you can become a real Superwoman. In this book, a professional matchmaker will share real stories and true reasons why some people cannot find love. In this book, you won’t find esoteric rituals or magical advice on how to win him or her over, just the practical experience of a professional matchmaker. You will learn why so many women ruin their chances to be with a great guy and how they are not capable of seeing and appreciating a great match right in front of her. Step by step you will learn the 7 main Principles of the woman who chooses only smart love in her life.

First published in 2019 (sold out),
last published 2021.
Number of pages 176.
Price: 320 hrn
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“The Eighth Principle of The Woman The Brand”

Bold, straightforward book for smart, beautiful women and daring men. This is the second book in the book series “7 Principles of the Woman The Brand”, though you can read the books in any order. If you have decided to devote some time to someone truly important – to you – and to learn more about the difficult world of relationships between men and women, to cry and to laugh – then reading this book is a perfect journey for you. The author will speak about men using the language of women. Together with the author and main characters you will be searching for smart love, feel “butterflies in the stomach” and will find out what actually happens after you have found “the one”.

Published in 2021.
Number of pages 176.
Price: 350 hrn
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The Proper Gift for a Smart, Beautiful Woman

A special box for two great books. The set includes two books and a unique shopper in exclusive packaging

To order the set of two books 670 hrn

The author can sign the book for you

Набор "Ничего личного" с носочками в подарок
480 грн

Book Launch/Signing Event for “The Eighth Principle of The Woman The Brand”



Shopper #убейвсебекурицу

Shopper with the motto #убейвсебекурицу is created especially for bold, smart and beautiful women and daring men. It is perfect to carry your lunchbox, shoes, laptop, IPad, or two good books. Our designer thinks this shopper will take perfect care of not only what you carry inside but also what you broadcast to the world.

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You can choose one of these unique designs, or you can order them all: “Don’t be a crazy chicken”, “Nothing personal, just love”, and “The kisses”.

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